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Piho Engineering provides process and refrigeration system design including load calculations, equipment selection, detailed refrigeration systems design/engineering, industrial ventilation, operator training, mechanical inspection services and more. We have experience with the latest refrigerants, brines, and glycols designing and applying them to systems ranging from 5TR to 12,000 TR of refrigeration. We are current with latest technologies and use of VFD’s, various types of Overfeed and DX systems. We are a leader in alternative refrigerant applications. We work in a wide range of industries including food & beverage, bakery, food processing, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical, food storage, equipment design, Process HVAC, test facilities. We do projects for both Government and Private sector clients. We are registered engineers in multiple states. We also perform projects all over the world for our clients. We are current on the International Code, Canadian, European, and China standards & codes for refrigeration system design.

Piho Engineering will work with the owner to provide the best solution to their needs. This means sitting down with the owner and listening to their requirements and offering creative solutions to meet the project needs. Our capabilities include Refrigeration, Mechanical, Structural, Architectural, Site, Electrical Power and Control. We can also provide Process engineering and Fire Protection at owners request. We can provide a design build team and provide a turnkey project.

Facility Construction and Project Management

Piho Engineering has the capability to design an entire facility from a warehouse to a kill floor to a cooler expansion and any type of project in between. We will work with the owner to provide the best solution to their needs. This means sitting down with the owner and listening to their requirements and offering creative solutions to meet the project budget and time restraints. We work with contractors, engineers, architects, and construction managers as part of a team concept to provide the owner with his requirements. We can provide a design build team and provide a turnkey project. We can provide project management services for limited time or extended period of time. We are willing to do what we need to for the Owner and our customer.

Process Safety Management (PSM)

We are uniquely positioned to provide complete PSM requirements and Audit assistance to the owner, contractor, or third party. We offer both pre-audit and during audit assistance on your site for your program or one we have developed. We can customize a PSM program for your facility and ease of use. Not a canned program. We use the latest software for performing Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) for your system. We also offer relief calculation assistance for existing programs, ventilation calculations, and compliance audits and more. Do you need just an element done such as Operating Procedures, we will gladly perform that task. We will support our program and standby it when you are audited. We will perform the Emergency Response Plan, hazard assessment and offsite analysis for the Local Emergency Planning Committee (L.E.P.C.). If you need an update we can assist.

Compliance Audit. We perform compliance audit as required by regulation on your site with your people. We review all elements of the PSM and RMP programs in a check list format. We complete a action item list for follow up by the owner.

Risk Management Plan (RMP) and Department of Home Land Security (DHS)

In addition to the PSM requirements we are able to perform the offsite consequences in accordance with EPA’s RMP*eSubmit (www.epa.gov/oem/content/rmp/rmp_esubmit.htm) and RMP Comp (www.epa.gov/oem/content/rmp/rmp_comp.htm). We complete many of these submittals for owners each year. In addition we complete DHS submittal requirements for owners. Need an existing one updated. We will gladly assist you with it. Need just a section revised. No problem. We will do that too.

Operator Training

We perform operator training on site and customized for your system and needs. We work with you on customizing a training program for your company. We have in depth knowledge of many systems and understand their operation. We listen to the operators concerns and are able to communicate using course materials and our knowledge of what is occurring. Do you want to cover RETA 1 & 2. We will do that and tie the RETA info into your system for practical demonstration of the material. Many technicians and operators then take the RETA CIRO or CARO exams after this training.

Do you need Emergency Response Training and Hazwoper Training 8HR, 32Hr, or 40 Hr. Do you need refresher training. We can provide that on site with our staff Engineer who is fully trained in many industries for Hazmat and is a former Fire Chief. We also have the expertise to be an expert on incident

Mechanical Integrity Inspections (MI)

We perform on site Mechanical Integrity Inspections as required by regulation. We have expertise in many systems and equipment that we know what we are looking at. We work with you the owner to meet the MI requirements and complete an action item list. In addition we review the installation for code compliance and good industry practice. We also review the PPE and other safe practice items. We will check calculations during the audit and verify safety shutdowns and alarms.

Industrial Ventilation

We can design a industrial ventilation system for a warehouse or a manufacturing facility. Heat or cooling. You let us know and we can design it. We are familiar with latest equipment available, technology, and energy requirements. Do you Need an energy evaluation done weather it makes sense to switch fuels or put your HVAC system on your central system? We can provide a practical calculation based on your costs and needs. Heat recovery systems for refrigeration systems or other flue gases can be evaluated and options presented.

Computer Controls

We have access to control engineers who can provide a user friendly computer or micro processor control system. We can customize a control system to not only management the refrigeration system but ventilations systems, alarms, lights. You imagine it we can provide it.

To put our experience in industrial refrigeration engineering to work, contact us at 610.370.9285 or send us an email.

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